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Application Process:

Please Email the following to

-1 paragraph message that tells me why you aren't working or are looking for new work.
-Resume attached in PDF format
-2nd redline version of Resume in Word format...changes must include true feelings about past work.
-Youtube/video link to an introduction that is less than 1 minute in length.  Discuss any experience within real estate.
-PDF copy of DISC results (free version!!!) from
-An aerial view of your home or neighborhood in .jpg format
-The dimensions of the room you are sitting in
-An excel spreadsheet of the breakdown of what you think would be a fair annual income.
-The name of an artist & song you think I shouldn't go on in life without hearing.

Job Responsibilities - These are not all Daily Tasks.  
There needs to be an understanding that there will 
be a lot of adaptability in the job description.
-Assist with Property Research
    -database owners and contact info
    -pull demographics & taxes
    -generate aerial imagery
-Marketing Cycle for new listings
    -Input to Web
    -Generate Flyers from Template
    -plan mailers
    -order signage
    -schedule photos/video
    -"Next step" planning
-Listing Support
    -Schedule showings as needed
    -Help generate monthly feedback reports
    -Manage timelines
-Transaction Coordination
    -Take deal from contract to closing
    -provide recommendations for Vendors/contractors
    -manage timelines
    -Site photographs for national clients
-Manage Real Estate systems with the ability to provide 
    feedback for ways to streamline or improve the processes
-Create replicable processes to make our lives easier
-Support Social Media
-Accountability Partner
-Team Up to Brainstorm Marketing Strategy and Direction
-Drive Key Projects when between "routine" tasks
    -Marketing Strategy
    -Continuously Build Market Database
    -Media Marketing & Research
-Future Tasks - Assist Property Management, Schedule Commercial Inspections, DO SOME DEALS!    


Come to me with a solution to the problem you're going to tell me about.